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Client comments

The success we now enjoy is due in large part to your work in helping us create a partnering philosophy that is now recognized as ESA culture. Your continuous involvement, coaching, facilitation and follow-up services, both formally and informally to staff, proved invaluable.

The feedback from participants has been very complimentary of your consulting services. Your style, demeanor, and program were very effective in helping the team identify key issues threatening the success of this initiative. Thank you also for your vision, tact, and energy in making the partnering session a success and in forging a beginning for our pursuit of excellence.

Any long term construction project is fraught with difficulties, not the least of which is a disaffected staff which is not working well together. Our project suffered from this and more. With a few more years ahead of us, we engaged you to help us get on track and facilitate the development of protocols and building good team relationships.

We are now 75% complete with the project, and it is a success in large part due to you. Our project faces challenges now and then but we are able to overcome them and move forward by focusing on the lessons we learned in team-building.

Excellent workshop! I walked in thinking I did not have the time for this, and walked out knowing that we could have spent more time in the session because we accomplished so much. I would like more people from my area to participate in the future.

Your consulting services transformed our staff - they focus clearly on the work, plan their stategy, execute plans effectively, and stay on track until the end. Your techniques are effective and have immediate and repeatable impact.

Your advice helped me root out deep-seated issues, restructure, prioritize, build trust, and gain support for change. I would not have been able to turn this organization around without you.

I give top ratings only to truly exceptional sessions. You deserved each and every one given.

I'm thrilled that we are communicating freely and without judgment, because of the trusting relations we developed during the various exercises you put us through.

Finally it is visible to people that there are real issues and challenges to successful completion. Without this dialog, issues would surface not in this forum but at key decision points during implementation.

This is a relaxed and informal forum at which senior managers are able to talk about issues and the complexity surrounding them. Connecting with people on a personal basis and the resulting interaction and communication helps us make progress and put together realistic paths forward.

We are having honest conversation. The process as designed causes people to feel free to speak about things that bother them - don't know how else we could have surfaced the issues productively.

The interaction and meeting with people is very helpful. We came a long way quickly and evolved from isolated islands to a team.

You are pretty good at including everyone, drawing people out, keeping things moving, and avoiding ruts. You have a way of keeping people focused and cutting discussion when it drifts.

We are in alignment on 90% of things. It was not that way on Day 1 when different people had different definitions of the initiative in mind.

Partnering session was successful for me in that I gained an understanding of the needs and priorities of two very different organizations trying to achieve a common goal.

What a great finished product! I am impressed with the polished product that emerged from the crude items from the session.

The workshop was so good that I have proposed that all 500-plus employees of our firm participate.