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About us

ProjectScape started in 1997. In the early years we were engaged in large and complex capital projects that spanned many years and involved people who were world experts in their domains of expertise. We successfully helped bring closure to complex problems and initiatives. We developed and deployed our unique techniques and tools.

Our engagements grew as the years went by. Individuals who had once occupied expertise-based roles as partners with our clients, and executives in client organizations who moved on to new opportunities, introduced us to new clients and have been major sources of growth. Seeking to replicate their prior experience with us, they engaged us in new areas of problem solving in a diverse array of situations.

We have evolved and our clients invite us in when they want objective guidance and help forging a path forward on a particular, highly-focused business or organizational issue.

The possibilities of our practice areas are greater, yet one thing remains the same – we move things along and help get things done, productively and fast.