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This is a one to two-day event, typically off-site, to kickoff or plan new initiatives, accelerate current projects, and re-boot or re-launch initiatives that need to gain momentum.

Each workshop is customized based on the client's objective and input of participants. It is carefully planned in every detail.

The professional setting we create together leads to productive outcomes and paths forward. Client teams solve problems creatively and produce immediate business results in a high energy and participative environment where morale thrives and collective goals are achieved. Deadlocks are overcome with mutual gain discoveries. People working together produce relevant output that is meaningful to them.

It is well established that people believe most in what they create themselves.The ProjectShop draws on simple and intuitive tools that have proven to be effective in hundreds of such events over the last fifteen years. The goal is to draw out of people what works for them, and create an environment in which they can:

A specialized ProjectShop we offer centers on Negotiation.

In contemporary organizations responsibility often exceeds authority. Negotiation comes into play with peers and others who cannot be commanded but whose collaboration is vital.

Success requires the skills to influence, negotiate, and reach agreement with many different constituents. Each is but one voice among many.

The Negotiation workshop is a one-day event that offers a highly practical set of tools to learn and practice unique and powerful strategies employed by successful and experienced negotiators. Key benefits are: